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Google digicamp Whiteboard Animation

Worked with Google team to write and design a whiteboard animation showing how advertising agencies operate. The finished product combined narration with dynamic artwork to detail each step in the creative process.

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Mamahuhu videos

Collaborated with the Mamahuhu video team to write and and perform in a number of viral comedy videos focused on cross-cultural buffoonery.

Example 1: Western Couples vs Chinese Couples has over 3.1 million views on YouTube

Example 2: Living With Reverse Culture Shock has over 3.7 million views on Facebook

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The Minute Light

Created and wrote a satirical news publication which takes an absurdist look at current events, politics, and comedy culture.

Example 1: Poll Shows Americans Prefer Their News Shouted at Them By Raving Lunatic

Example 2: Doomsday Crier Struggles With Sudden Burden Of Legitimacy

Center for child Rights & corporate social responsibility Comic strip

Worked with the CCR CSR to write and illustrate a lesson series aimed at helping rehabilitate factories that employ adolescent labor. The project involved taking core management strategies and distilling them into an engaging, easy to understand medium.

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Ogilvy Presentaion

Tasked by Ogilvy executive to write and design a presentation for internal use based around a “bespoke” theme. Collaborated with design team to compile ideas into a deck that would grab attention and deliver content in a fun way.

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